VIC-II Kawari: FPGA based VIC-II replacement for the C64

March 13, 2021 0 By wbrown

The VIC-II Kawari Project from Randy Rossi is a modern FPGA based replacement for the C64. It completely replaces the original chip but offers near perfect compatibility but additional capabilities like HDMI output and 80 column text.

Dev Board: Mojo
V3 I tested Kawari to work with:
– Turbo Chameleon 64
– PLAnkton – PLAdvanced+
– Stock PLA
– EasyFlash 3
– Russian PLA
– Longboards and Shortboards
– PAL and NTSC motherboards

Video Links

VIC-II Kawari Information Website:
Randy’s YouTube Channel:…
Part 1 – First prototype on a breadboard…
Part 2 – VGA/HDMI added…
Part 3 – Second prototype on MojoV3 and testing…
Part 4 – Some extra features added…
Spartan 6 FPGA: ($17 each)…
Improving Sharpness on your C64 with a simple mod to your RF modulator:…

Tools and Parts I use in my videos


My GitHub repository:…
Commodore Computer Club / Vancouver, WA – Portland, OR – PDX Commodore Users Group

Instructional videos

My video on damage-free chip removal:…


Intro music and other tracks by: Nathan Divino @itsnathandivino​