The Videx Soft Video Switch for the Apple ][+, a MOS 8701 replacement, and an isolation transformer

March 3, 2021 0 By wbrown

Welcome to Mid-Week-Mini-Mail-Call #37! On this video, the Apple ][+ comes back for a cool auto switch board. The digital basement gets some needed safety improvements. I test a MOS 8701 replacement from Germany and I put a retro computer sticker on my car.

0:00​ Intro
2:10​ Apple ][+ Videx Video Soft Switch
15:51​ Retro computer stickers from Australia
19:20​ Commodore 8701 replacement, Denture Brush and some PCBs from Germany
28:02​ Isolation Transformer to improve safety in the lab
46:44​ Outro

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CRT improvement video…
Videx Soft Video Switch pictures and manual:…
For stickers, see Craig’s email embedded into the video around 18m 47s
Replacement 8701 clock generator:…
Wikipedia article on Transformers:…

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Intro music and other tracks by: Nathan Divino @itsnathandivino​